L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. – Aesthetic physician

We are excited to welcome L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. to our Cheveux team. She will be offering Botox, fillers and laser treatments in our beautiful new Derma room. Visit her website for a full list of services and information.

L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. is an aesthetic physician who combines a world-class education in medical aesthetics with a background in fine arts to meet her clients’ goals with natural, realistic-looking results. Specializing in the face, neck and hands, Dr. Swor-Yim’s non-surgical approach brings balance, symmetry and proportion to her patients’ features. Using fillers and neuromodulators, she subtly enhances facial contours, resulting in an attractive, youthful appearance. Realizing that true beauty is reflected from within, Dr. Swor-Yim strives to make her patients pleased and comfortable with their looks.


L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. works closely with each patient to design an individual treatment program dedicated to achieving the desired results. The consultation includes analyzing every facet of a patient’s face, hands and neck to determine which services and products will provide the maximum benefit. Treatment commences once L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. and the patient agree upon the course of action. The length of the initial treatment and follow-up maintenance will depend on the complexity of the program.


Private appointments are available on Thursdays at Cheveux Salon. Please contact L. Britt Swor-Yim, M.D. at 415-596-1075 or send an email request to her at info@drsworyim.com to schedule.